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17yr old Rea fan

Hey, My name's Emmie, Im 17 and have been listening to Rea all my life and will carry on doing so as long as i live! My favourite Album is Road To Hell- Looking For A Rainbow being my favourite song of all time. I have collected many albums, which has taken awhile as student funds are low! I live in...
by rainbowemmie
05 Mar 2005, 20:37
Forum: Introduce yourself
Topic: 17yr old Rea fan
Replies: 4
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Looking For A Rainbow

This song has to be the most amazing song that has ever been written. It has so much meaning to me and it holds a lot of memories for me as i have been listening to Chris since the day i was given ears! The fills add so much to the song- they are also lyrics as i feel that rea talks with his guitar...
by rainbowemmie
05 Mar 2005, 20:28
Forum: Personal favourites
Topic: Looking For A Rainbow
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