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by Seabird
28 Sep 2005, 20:48
Forum: Introduce yourself
Topic: I love Chris
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I don’t know if this is the right place (if not, webmaster please move it to the right place) but I want to say hello to all the members I haven’t met yet... HELLO !! More new members - hi there! If anyone would like to suggest a date/time suitable for all, perhaps we could be on-line at the same ti...
by Seabird
28 Sep 2005, 20:44
Forum: Comments about this site
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Hello everyone; it's been a long time; but I am back. It's great to see how the forum has grown, and that there is so much great news about Chris ! This is definitely the greatest and the best REA-site on the web... The official sites and can come and have a look at how it s...
by Seabird
02 Feb 2005, 10:10
Forum: About this site
Topic: I like the new layout!
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I like the new layout!

I like the new layout! What an amount of work have you put into it !! Thanks !

Greetz, Ed
by Seabird
30 Jan 2005, 22:03
Forum: About this site
Topic: New download of the week: Working on it (live)
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Great song !

by Seabird
29 Jan 2005, 18:38
Forum: Introduce yourself
Topic: That's me!
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I'm Ed

Hy everyone,

I'm Ed, and I've been a huge fan of Chris since 1987 "Dancing with strangers !" My all time favourite is "The road to hell".

Reagards, Ed
by Seabird
29 Jan 2005, 18:36
Forum: Lyrics
Topic: Fool if you think its over
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Re: Fool if you think its over

gvhecke wrote:Does anyone here know why chris rea wrote FIYTIO? And what the meaning behind the lyrics is???

As you can read in the "did you know..." section of this site, Chris wrote “Fool (if you think it’s over)” about a broken love affair of one of his sisters.

Reagards, Ed