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by Michigan_Mark
13 Oct 2005, 00:35
Forum: The blue café
Topic: Would you feel diffrently about Chris?
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I agree with the last reponce but I'll add my thoughts!! From What i have heard in Chris' music it seems to me he has been through the gammit of things! You can't record as many releases as Chris and not be touched by the man's lyrics and music. It seems to me that just every song he has released h...
by Michigan_Mark
12 Oct 2005, 18:26
Forum: Personal favourites
Topic: Five one of the greatests
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you mean Chris has written a BAD song???? I sure cant figure out for the life of me which one that might be!! I just cleaned out my music files from my computer!!! 4/ 120 min cd's of nothing but Chris' music!!! dog gone!!!
by Michigan_Mark
12 Oct 2005, 18:21
Forum: Personal favourites
Topic: too hard to choose a favorite but,,,,,
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too hard to choose a favorite but,,,,,

hast to be WIRED TO THE MOON!!!