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Re: St.Petersburg gig - short summary

The Russians gets more! We will think about you! It's sounds like an act where you need a awful lot of beer to enjoy it! Succes!
by Bob Vermaak
09 Feb 2012, 08:49
Forum: Santo Spirito Blues Tour 2012
Topic: St.Petersburg gig - short summary
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Re: Berlin February4th 2012 ICC - SPOILER!!!


Edit webmaster: Please follow rule 2.1.
by Bob Vermaak
07 Feb 2012, 19:18
Forum: Santo Spirito Blues Tour 2012
Topic: Berlin February4th 2012 ICC - SPOILER!!!
Replies: 16
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Next week (3-2) I'll attend the Chris Rea concert in HCC. Is it possible to make an arrangement in a German bar for a beer and a chat about Chris Rea?
by Bob Vermaak
22 Jan 2012, 12:33
Forum: Santo Spirito Blues Tour 2012
Topic: Hamburg-concert
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The members are:
Chris Rea: Guitar en vocals
Robert Ahwai: guitar
Silvin Marc: bass
Martin Ditcham: drums
Oaul Hirch: keyboard
Tnx for share it with dime!
by Bob Vermaak
14 Apr 2006, 07:26
Forum: Blue guitars - The tour
Topic: Chris Rea Touring band
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Concert Amsterdam

It was woinderful. I will write a review this weekend! I will see Chris in Dusseldorf saturday. I am a lucky guy but after that gig i have to miss him. A superb edition of Stainby Girls!
by Bob Vermaak
23 Mar 2006, 11:33
Forum: Blue guitars - The tour
Topic: Concert Amsterdam
Replies: 5
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The chat isn't working on my pc! BArt, can you help?
by Bob Vermaak
10 Mar 2006, 22:27
Forum: Ideas / Errors / Questions
Topic: chat
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i have it......i will do my utmost best to copy it!
by Bob Vermaak
25 Feb 2006, 17:38
Forum: 2005 - Blue Guitars
Topic: Guitarist magazine & Chris Rea
Replies: 1
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Re: Chris Rea Collection for you

I'm giving up my Chris Rea collection from the early years (80's / beginning of 90's) with newspaper / magazin articles (English + German), live tapes and videos, tour photos, etc. If you are interested send me a return mail with subject "CR Collection". Regards, Tina I am very interested...
by Bob Vermaak
22 Feb 2006, 08:20
Forum: Introduce yourself
Topic: Chris Rea Collection for you
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Zijn er mensen die naar het concert te Brussel gaan? Ajb meld je!
by Bob Vermaak
19 Feb 2006, 20:40
Forum: Blue guitars - The tour
Topic: Tour
Replies: 2
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it seemd II

Dear L-burg Rea fan,
Bart, website host, and me will visit the gig in Lburg. We are arranging something and when we can find tickets we will be there. Contact Bart!
by Bob Vermaak
26 Dec 2005, 12:59
Forum: Blue guitars - The tour
Topic: it seemd II
Replies: 1
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chris rea Christmas top 50

Chris has ended at place 5! That's not that bad besides the fact that Maria carey has become 3th!
Have a nice christmas!
by Bob Vermaak
25 Dec 2005, 10:48
Forum: Vote for Chris Rea
Topic: chris rea Christmas top 50
Replies: 0
Views: 2665


Can you give me more information about the concert? Bart can you make an annoucement? I want to go if it's possible!
by Bob Vermaak
12 Dec 2005, 20:12
Forum: Blue guitars - The tour
Topic: Who wants to go to the Luxembourg concert ?
Replies: 2
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Magazine Guitars

In magazine Guitars (winter edition) you can find a interview (in depth) with Chris about this project and the message of Blue Guitars.
by Bob Vermaak
09 Dec 2005, 14:09
Forum: News
Topic: Magazine Guitars
Replies: 1
Views: 1873

Zaterdag editie Telegraaf

In de zaterdag editie van de Telegraaf staat een stukje over Chris en over zijn laatste album.
by Bob Vermaak
07 Dec 2005, 12:17
Forum: News
Topic: Zaterdag editie Telegraaf
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Omdat het toch een Nederlands concert is en er hoogstwaarschijnlijk alleen maar Nederlanders en Belgen zullen zijn, houd ik het bij het Nederlands. Het is wellicht een idee eens een emaillijst met echte fans samen te stellen om zo contact te houden? Ik was daar ook de 31ste het was een leuke en bijz...
by Bob Vermaak
12 Nov 2005, 19:07
Forum: Blue guitars - The tour
Topic: Chris Rea banner
Replies: 4
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