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Hello form the greatest german fan ever ;-)

Let us know who you are, where your from, .... and what your connection with Chris Rea is !
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starter REA-fan
starter REA-fan
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Hello form the greatest german fan ever ;-)

Post by Munich_1983 » 08 Aug 2011, 17:43

(My very first post...)
Chris has donated many unforgettable tunes to the world. And I will carry them in heart for my whole life. Since I saw Chris for the first time in 1983 (as support act for the Band Saga in the Munich Olympiahalle), I was completely fascinated by his music: deep going - melancholic but full of hope - such a powerful voice - a unique character - romantic AND rocking - wow.
I know almost every tune, every songline, every guitar solo, every orchestration by heart.
But retrospectiv I intend to say, that the four albums produced by David Richards, are the strongest. That Queen-producer from Montreux saved Chris career somehow, with the endearing and tender "Water Sign" album. And he helped Chris, to increase his potential year for year. So the alltime-favourite "Josephine" was born, and the `brand essence´ of Chris´music with "on the beach"...look at the picture on the backside of the on the beach-album: that says all :-)
In the last 10 years Chris did produce incredibly much new songs, but it is to say, that it is more mass, less quality. Many new tunes are variations of older songs; even the upcoming new single (compare the melody from the chance of love with the road to hell...all the streets jam up with credit...= I don´t care about the moon...) But that is not severe. One of these "variations" even became one of my favorites (Too far away from home, from celtic blues/blue guitars).
For the upcoming tour (approximately my 16. Rea-concert) I had just one wish: Chris should speak more to the audience, much more then before! We, his life-long fans, we know how beautiful he can play the slide guitar. We have the tunes of his life in our body. So it´s not necessary to repeat all this performances again and again. We would like to discover some new sides of his creative personality. When it´s true, that Chris will publish his auto-biography in 2012, so why not start to chat a little bit from that in the concert!! It would be nice to hear some anecdotes about the music and it´s origin. And maybe he reveals and explains some guitar-playing tricks to the audience?! I know that Chris had so much fun and emotional adventures, jaming with his musicians in Var/Provence, and elsewhere in the studio. Please share that joy with your audience, Chris! So my hope for the tour 2012 is, that the fire form the beginnings can be REAwake a bit. Best whishes from Munich.

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