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Santo Spirito, my personal review

Let us know who you are, where your from, .... and what your connection with Chris Rea is !
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starter REA-fan
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Santo Spirito, my personal review

Post by Munich_1983 » 22 Sep 2011, 14:29

Hello again. The fact, that Chris is playing all instruments (and programming machines) on the new album by himself, makes it more obvious than anything else, how lonesome he must be. It could have cost him not more than some cheap pounds to engage any sax-player or percussionist. But he wanted to do it alone. And that is how it sounds: not swinging, not vibrating... I have much more respect for Chris Rea than for any other musical artist in this world - but I don´t understand this needless and senseless going-it-alone (so the only hope is, that on the fortcoming tour the new material comes to new glance with a brillant band!) Despite of it I find some really good tracks on the studio album, and also the text-part is more literary again. For me, the best moments/songs are the simple ones: For exeample "I will go on". Like at many other albums, this is a melo-romantic tune at the end of the album (comporae give that girl a diamond or september blue). It is so simple-made, so tender, so good. Alone for that song you want to umbrace Chris and say "Thank you, again".

The soundtracks have good single tracks also. The films are worse in contrast. Rolling Stones Magazin wrote: some of the most dilettante and worse films that were ever made. Unfortunaltly they are right. It becomes never clear, what the intention shuld be. The fils show no creative form for their stories. It is not consequent, not dramatic at all. If Chris really wants to go on makes film, he should work together with real creative film makers. But working together with other artists seems to be the weak point for Chris in general...

Conclusion: we are so happy that Chris Rea is alive and with robust health, and touring :-) We like the new songs and tunes (form the rocking songs to the spanish guitar). We feel still so near and are passionate for that music. We look forward the upcoming tour and hope to "meet" the human, the personality of Chris Rea there. All the rest is dinky. All the best from Munich!

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Re: Santo Spirito, my personal review

Post by elangelo » 22 Sep 2011, 18:40

Well, as you all could assume, I agree. Bart, I think this review could be moved to the corresponding part of forum?
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