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John in Thunder Bay - Canada

Let us know who you are, where your from, .... and what your connection with Chris Rea is !
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John in Thunder Bay - Canada

Post by jhaley101 » 15 Dec 2011, 03:18

First heard Chris in 1989 when I worked as a DJ at a radio station and its been onwards and upwards from there.

But JEEZ, why won't this guy come over the pond?
I was in Scotland last year for a wedding and I keep checking tour dates but no dice.

So many of his songs appear to have a North American influence.

Can't say I'm blown away by this latest album, but I sure love that first track, it rocks!

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Jim M
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Re: John in Thunder Bay - Canada

Post by Jim M » 15 Dec 2011, 19:07

Hi John
Welcome from Vancouver !
Nothings Happening By The Sea

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starter REA-fan
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Re: John in Thunder Bay - Canada

Post by dmytrobryushkov » 05 Jan 2012, 22:13

Hi John!
Welcome from Thornhill as well! It looks, as I am not only one Canadian, attending this website. My best respects, Dmytro

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