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Hello, friends! - Lily

Let us know who you are, where your from, .... and what your connection with Chris Rea is !
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Hello, friends! - Lily

Post by cupressiana » 25 Mar 2012, 03:33

Hi everyone!

My name is Lily and I'm from New Jersey, U.S.A. I have been a fan of Chris Rea for some time now and cannot comprehend how he never made it big here in the states. But being born in the USSR gave me the opportunity to explore all types of music and I am so thankful that I stumbled upon Chris Rea because he's absolutely the greatest musician, singer and performer of our time. I'm off to the UK soon to see him live with my little sister and am truly looking forward to the show. Chris Rea is a musical genius and no one else compares to his godly musical abilities. The greatest of the greatest and in my eyes, the best there ever was, is and will be. I'm dreaming of the day that I can personally get Chris Rea's autograph, which I would cherish for the rest of my life. He's one of the very few musicians, who moves my soul with every record he produces. He's genuine and divinely talented. I wish Chris great health in the years to come and heaps of happiness, success and harmony in his personal and professional lives. I've been desperately searching for the bonus song "There's only you" featured on the UK and Japanese releases of "King of the Beach", but my efforts are all in vain. Can any of you recommend where I can get my hands on it? As I mentioned earlier, I will be traveling through the UK and if you know of any stores where I can buy an album with that song includued, I would be forever grateful to you. I'm really looking forward to making new friends on this forum. Anyone who is a fan of Chris Rea's music is a friend to me and I welcome you all to keep in touch with me. Happy Spring!



P.S. Who's going to the show in Nottingham? London? Who has been at any show in 2012 so far? I'd love to hear your thoughts on the Santo Spirito Blues tour.

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REAlly addicted
REAlly addicted
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Re: Hello, friends! - Lily

Post by ann268 » 25 Mar 2012, 17:52

Hi Lily,

I went in Amsterdam, very impressive this new tour. You can find loads of info on touring in the forum "Touring"and subfora, the Santo Spirito Tour! Lot of reviews!
I can't tell you anything about the other stuff.
Have fun here, I do :D
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starter REA-fan
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Re: Hello, friends! - Lily

Post by Susan » 27 Mar 2012, 07:13

Hi, Lily. Like you....and all who post on this site, I am a huge fan of Chris and his music. I'm one of those frustrated Americans who is sorry Chris decided so long ago not to pursue a long term career in the US. And without radio airplay to support his music here, he is virtually unknown in this country. My husband and I will be leaving for the UK this Sunday, 4/1, to see Chris in concert in Plymouth on 4/4. I don't think I've ever looked forward to anything quite as much.

You can find "There's Only You" on YouTube. Just do a search for the song title and Chris Rea. You can download from there, if you wish. Have a safe trip and a wonderful time at the concert with your sister. Chat with you again soon, I hope.

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Re: Hello, friends! - Lily

Post by Jim M » 27 Mar 2012, 21:57

Hi LIly and welcome
THere are quite a few of us frustrated north americans here.
You won't get many arguments on your thoughts about C.R. !
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