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Greetings from a CR fan from Poland

Let us know who you are, where your from, .... and what your connection with Chris Rea is !
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Greetings from a CR fan from Poland

Post by KingOfTheBeach » 09 Apr 2012, 10:45


I've been a big fan of Chris Rea for a few years, living in Kielce and finishing my university studies in Torun, Poland. This year one of my dreams came true as I attended the Santo Spirito tour concert in Warsaw which was a truly amazing experience (sitting in the first line right in front of Chris who tried to "shoot me" with his guitar ;) . Hope to learn many interesting things about my favourite artist on this forum (I'm especially keen on interpreting Chris' lyrics as they tend to be a very high class poetry that I'm fascinated by). I send greetings to all Chris Rea fans worldwide! :)


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