Finally Introduce Myself

Let us know who you are, where your from, .... and what your connection with Chris Rea is !
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Finally Introduce Myself

Post by FLORENCE »

Only found the site last year on the build up to the big re-issue,- that the tour crew had said was on the way.
However as per the name I had always wanted to visit Florence. One of those, - don't know really why moments -, but a place I had to see.
Finally thanks to Chris's release of Santo Spirito Blues, that was it. On a video he tells about his daughter studying in Florence and the Santo Spirito Church, - which also had it's dome made by the same guy who did the big cathedral. Have since been to Florence 3 times now, and hope to get there some time next year again, for no other reason than I love the place.

Question 1: Why has Chris never released an album of all the instrumental tracks, from albums and b-sides of CD singles, there are loads of them?

Question 2: Does anyone out there have photos of the Wembley Christmas concert many years ago, - yes when he did sing Driving Home For Christmas. There were 2 large inflatable Father Christmas's being bounced around the crowd. Cut a long story short, I have one of those inflatables in my loft, that I brought home with me. I would just love some pictures, to prove that was where it originated from.

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Re: Finally Introduce Myself

Post by ann268 »

Hi Florence,
I know people on this site were on that gig in Wembley, but I have never seen pictures of it.
Cool you still have one.
You're never to old to dance!

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