Max from Kiev, Ukraine

Let us know who you are, where your from, .... and what your connection with Chris Rea is !
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Max from Kiev, Ukraine

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I'm listening to Crhis's music for already 12 years.
Thanks for this goes to my since-school friend :)

Chris never beem to my country, and, francly, i doubt he ever will, but I hope to visit his concert sometime...

His music is so relaxing and so inspiring, take it as you like.
His voice is unique and his guitar is magnificent.
Just love it and love his music.

Greetings to all fans here and to our kind host, bjongen :)
Great site!
Always looked for a good site about CR, but there's lack of them in the Net. is closed, sadly :(

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Welcome to Mancubus

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Hello Mancubus,
Welcome to you, and thank you for telling us about your self. Are there many fans of Chris,s music in your country? I hope you can buy his CDs where you live!
Yes, this is surely the best Chris Rea site, and with his new releases, perhaps there will be more fans visiting Bart,s forum to talk about them.

REAgards Leila. :)


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