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This summer...

The topic previously known as "General chat"...

This summer...

Postby Bart » 09 Jun 2010, 08:12

Hello friends;

I know I have been really quite lately (although I have been working on the background as usual!) and I am sorry for that. But now I wanted to let you know what the reason is for my absence… Shéba and I are moving into our new apartment tomorrow!!! So there was a lot of preparation to be done and still so much work to do. I will be offline most of the time the coming weeks and then we’ll be on our vacation (3 weeks to the South of France!), but I promise you I’ll make up my absence after the vacation with lots of new information!

For now I only want to whish you all a wonderful summer and I hope to be back online again soon!
REAgards, Bart (webmaster)

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Re: This summer...

Postby elangelo » 09 Jun 2010, 09:04

Thanks and congratulations!
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Re: This summer...

Postby pizzaaddi » 09 Jun 2010, 12:21

Hi bart,

i wish you a very good vacation.

But can you tell us what " but I promise you I’ll make up my absence after the vacation with lots of new information! " means ?

Give us a little bit more than that.

Please ....
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Re: This summer...

Postby Jim M » 09 Jun 2010, 17:50

Congratulations Bart & have a GREAT summer !
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Re: This summer...

Postby blueskev » 09 Jun 2010, 21:48

Thats great Bart, I wish you both all the best :-) Have a great holiday as well.

I have to agree with pizzaaddi though, don't leave before sharing your news!

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