Happy birthday!

Stop the presses ... ;-)
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Happy birthday!

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Might as well start a topic for this year...

I'd like to wish Chris Rea a very happy birthday!
I wish him a lot of joy, good times and as much good health possible (and more)!
I think that there's so much about him, his talents and his energy that is beyond the superficial physical world that we all see (and that seems to be the only world for more and more people these days...) and I wish that all those blessings stay with him for a long long time. After all, he shares so much of them with us! :D
And I couldn't even start to thank him enough for that!
And for noticing that Blue Maranello in Belgrade in 2010! That added a huge good thing to my life!

Of course, I hope to see him around here and everywhere again and again and to hear many great new albums, but I think Chris has given us so much (songs to preserve my sanity among them) and he deserves to do things his way and follow his own cool groove.
(But I really want some books... and albums... and book-albums and films... and shows and stuff).

God bless you, Chris!

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