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Bournemouth 9th April 06

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Bournemouth 9th April 06

Post by Richard » 10 Apr 2006, 07:29

Bournemouth 9th April 06

Just back from tonight’s gig and it was fantastic. Chris and the band are on top form with Chris’s playing sounding absolutely magical. Sound quality was superb so every nuance could be heard.

Paul Casey on support was highly impressive and its well worth making sure you get seated early to hear him. His CD is on sale in the foyer.

Chris is his usual talkative self. The set list appears to be the same as some of the European gigs so I won’t list them again, but watch out for “I can Hear Your Heartbeat” where they go off in all sorts of different directions, absolute brilliance.

Roberts playing come to the fore a couple of times, noticeably on Highway 61 & 49. and an incredible crunchy rhythm on Stainsby Girls.

All too soon it was over. I could have stayed all night, and I think even if I could attend every gig on this tour I would never stop wanting to hear Chris play guitar live, it is something special.

Please let their be a live album, so we can go on hearing this.

To everyone attending gigs later in the tour, all I can say is that you will have a fantastic evening you lucky lucky people.

Richard B


Bournemouth 9th April 2006

Post by Donna » 10 Apr 2006, 20:26

sorry Mr Anonymous, we too went to the gig last evening and have to say that your description of the sound quality is the exact opposite to ours. Having looked forward to seeing and hearing Chris and thoroughly enjoying the support( who did sound superb). We could not stay and see the end of Chris`s performance as the quality of sound was not only bad it was intolerable. the sound man had his equipment set to such a level that there was not any room left for the natural crechendo of such songs as Stainsby Girls and we left very early and VERY disapointed.


Post by Guest » 10 Apr 2006, 21:32

Totally agree with Richard B i was 3rd row from front and the atmosphere was superb. Chris was on fine form. This is the first time I have heard material from Blue Guitars and will be buying album. I think there will be a live cd to follow recorded at Newcastle gig, This was stated in programme notes. I have seen chris 3 times and this was the best of all. Great gig,Great night Graet shame its all over.


Richard B

BIC sound quality

Post by Richard B » 10 Apr 2006, 21:39

Hi Me again,

Donna, I am so sorry that you found the sound bad and had to leave early.

I was on the 6th row at the front and pretty central, and the sound quality was very good were I was sitting.

I have been to see various gigs at the BIC and have experienced very variable sound so I was apprehensive and very pleasantly surprised, hence why I mentioned it specifically.

I look forward to the live CD.

Richard B

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