Bournemouth 9th April

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Bournemouth 9th April

Post by JOHNV »

Great Web site well done.

Having been a great fan of Chris Rea for some time now I have to say I was really dissapointed with his live performance at Bournemouth.

The tour being his farewell I had much higher hopes.

Having been given the blue guitars earbook by Chris himself whilst on a trip to Amsterdam in October I had nothing but praise for the man and his music and was delighted to have a few hours with Chris on a one to one basis.

The last 3 Albums I believe have been Brilliant and the live performances have simply been as good as it gets.

On plus side intro Maxwell street was flawless and I was in for a great night...It just went down hill from thereon.

What happened to the PASSION the FUN the SOUL the ENERGY.

The sound was average and not felt.

The tack selection was miserable.Chris had some classics Sure!but how many times and different versions of the same old song can you cope with?

There was 2 hours of music on the night and when I met Chris he was so enthusiastic about his new project which was hardly featured.

Chris is a legend and I guess I have been spoilt for the last few years with the classic stony road,Blue jukebox,Blue guitars album but not now. :cry:

aREAl fan


Post by aREAl fan »

:D I have never been fortunate enough to actually meet Chris , unlike you..We have seen Chris on RTH and Banana Skin Tours, but always managed to miss him since. We also were in Bournemouth , and absolutely loved the performance and the many variations on a theme ...As for passion , what do you want ? , blood.. Unless , of cource you "think" that you can do better!! aREAl fan




You not understand the music in live! You not understand the soul and feeling with the person, you not understand the situation, Chris Rea oferred durin 20th years great music, composition and very singer, no hit list, no show bussines, only great music to fans.


Bournemouth Concert

Post by chrissturgess »

Having look forward for so long to see chris again the concert lived up to all i expected he really showed how skilled he is.So professional and all his band are.
I for one will miss him I hope he can at least record for us all to enjoy.

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Re: Bournemouth 9th April

Post by Bart »

JOHNV wrote:Great Web site well done.

Having been a great fan of Chris Rea for some time now I have to say I was really dissapointed with his live performance at Bournemouth.
Hello John... First of all welcome to the forum, and thanks for the compliment about the site! Secondly, I am very sorry to hear you were not completely satisfied with Chris' performance. I saw three concerts of this tour and I must say I was very pleased with his chosen set list... I want to make clear to other users of the forum that everybody may have his or hers own opinion about Chris or his music. Please keep it nice and friendly to each other, and respect others opinions! Thanks !!
REAgards, Bart (webmaster)


Post by ANGEL (SPAIN) »

The problem in Bournemouth, is the people, cold, cold,cold. Chris intented connection with the people in the song On the beach and the people continued cold!!!!.
I¨m travel from Barcelona to BIC for loock the concert . I say in the Spain the people great participation in the concerts live. Is pain Chris no visit Spain. sorry my english.


BIC (Chris Great. People Cold)


I am fan of Chris from Beni Santini, is a pain that Chris has not come to also take leave Spain, the assistants in the BIC were cold with Chris and they did not participate with Chris, Many went away abandonated the BIC in the song Let´s Dance. I say you do not go away that it has not finished. The people was jubilee that an entertainment in their city and they do not another thing that to do

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