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Oxford Review

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Hello my name is David from Spain.
I went to Oxford with my wyfe and my brother to see our first and last
(I wish not) Chris rea concert.
We went on my car (18 hours driving across france) and on the
Calais-Dover Ferry. We arrived very tired at the 11 in the morning but the
fatigue we forgot it whe n arrived at the New Theatre at 5 in the
afternoon. When we toke any photos next to the poster, suddenly Chris appears
and my wyfe take a photo of Chris my brother and I.
I'm spanish and my english is poor, and then i have left without words.
We impress of the aspect of Chris, very old and ill.
Well, the concert:
When we enter to the theatre we buy t-shirts, tourbook etc.
The theatre was filled.
We confused our seats and we seated in those of the wife and the
children of Paul Hirsh.
When we solved the problem of seats the concert began.
Paul Casey impressed much to us, it seems a great musician and a great
boy, the force of his voice, his slide and his guitar we liked very
Paul played four songs and very were applaudded by all the public.
Then Chris and his band appeared.
As soon as they appeared, began to plays Jazzy blue.
My and my brother was impressed, our first concert of Chris Rea. we
will never forget.
The aspect of Chris let to us seem old and tired, and it began to us to
seem full of force and life.
The Stainsby song was great
During Let's Dance a fat man lowered near to the band dancing for three
or four times, and then many people began to dance. Mant people saw the
rest of the concert standing up.
I am happy for the concert, the photo the music etc
I am sad because its the Farewel Tour.
The spanish fans not appears



Si que aparecemos, pero no te molestes, porque estos no te van a contestar a nada, a la que huelen algo español....... pasan de nosotros. Yo fui al concierto de Bournemouth el 9 de Abril y me lo pase muy bien, pero el publico en general estaba frio, mucha gente no sabia ni quien era Chris Rea. Te repito no insistas mucho en este foro yo he puesto algunas cosas como podras observar y nadie se digna en contestar, parece que esta montado para unos cuantos de la camarilla de ese tal Bert, que es el que modera, por cierto a su antojo.

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Post by Bart »

Could you please explain to me what you mean by this :
ANGEL BARCELONA wrote:to observe and nobody worthy in to answer, seems that this mounted for a few of power group of that such Bert, that he is the one that moderates, by the way at will.
If I understand it correctly you have complains about how people react to your posts in the forum, and also to my moderations ? Am I correct? (spanish is not my best ;)) could you please mail your complaints directly to me, and not post them in another language then the specified language for this board in public ? As I have told some people before, this is an English board (English is not my first language (that is Dutch!) as well ...). Besided the language, I think everyone will agree that this subject has hardly anything to do with "Blue guitars - The Tour" then why post it over here ? I have to moderate this forum every day for people posting in the "wrong" topics, and so ... (please don't get me wrong, it is not a complaints...) and then sometime I don't have time to reply to all messages in the forum as well...

I am looking forward to hear from you what exacly your "problem" with the forum and my moderation is ... Hope to hear from you...
REAgards, Bart (webmaster)

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