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What a night...............

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What a night...............

Post by Guest » 29 Apr 2006, 22:05

I was at the Dublin concert last night :D

You should all be jealous Ha Ha. The great man will be missed and while I enjoyed every note played by his magic fingers there was a sadness in the air that this was the last time I will see him live. I have followed Chris since very ealry days. I have realeased that I have his music on Mp3, CD, Tape and LP. And each one sounds just amazing.

Our very own Paul Casey in support was excellent too. But nothing could outshine Chris last night.

Interestingly hew played Fool as his very last song - was he telling us something...............

Bye for now


Dublin Gig

Post by Guest » 29 Apr 2006, 22:51

I was one of the lucky ones to be at the Dublin gig last nite and man Chris was once again awesome.The version of Stainsby girl is as good as I have heard Chris playing and I have been watching him in concert for the last 20 years :P .We got the old the new and the in between and what I mean by that is the slower versions of Josephine,Julia,I can hear your heart beat & On the beach which I really enjoyed even though some people on this forum were not too impressed by these versions.I suppose I'm one of the lucky people that have heard both versions live so a change is nice as well.
Chris looked like he was really enjoying himself and gave the gig his all and really got the crowd going in the second half of the show.Most of the people around me were in their 30s or 40s so it was an older audience but every one appreciated his work.
I was a bit sad leaving the show as several times during the gig I said to myself that "Jesus" we will never see this live again which will get a bit of getting used to as we were used to getting the Chris Rea fix every 2 years.Roll on the fireflies and the live dvd it cant come fast enough.
God bless Chris and keep in good health,good guys like you dont come around too often.

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Re: What a night...............

Post by blueskev » 30 Apr 2006, 22:48

Anonymous wrote:
Interestingly hew played Fool as his very last song - was he telling us something...............

Bye for now
Lets hope so; I thought it was a very poignant choice.

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Post by Guest » 06 Jun 2006, 14:29

I was on the concert in Hannover, Germany, but I think he played
the same songs.
you're totally right in saying that the tour versions of Julia, Josephine
and especially of I can hear you're heartbeat are wonderful!!!
I can't wait till his DVD is coming out. So I just try it again :
"Does anyone have these versions as a live recording??" :cry:

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