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Chris Rea Tour Programs Pix

Here you can read the latest tour news and reviews
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Chris Rea Tour Programs Pix

Post by lilybee » 13 Jul 2008, 23:49

Hi, :D

I will start this pix topic with one of the first tours Chris Rea did (that I know of),
as a support act for Lindisfarne in the winter of 78'

Image Image
Image Image

This tour book is 32 pages long! so I'm only posting the info pertaining to Chris Rea.

For those of you who missed it, here's a related link...

Other tour programs soon to come...

Dancing With Strangers tour
Shamrock Diaries tour
Just Passing Through tour
Driving Home for Christmas tour
Auberge tour
God's Great Banana Skin tour
The Blue Cafe tour
Stony Road tour
The Blue Jukebox tour
The Farewell tour
The Road To Hell tour



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Re: Chris Rea Tour Programs Pix

Post by chrismiller » 14 Jul 2008, 13:01


Great work Lily and I'm looking forward to the rest!
Great pix, really, but who's the man on the fourth in the upper left corner? :D Looks like Bill Nighy's and Alan Rickman's offspring in some strange way. :lol:

I love it, anyway :D

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