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Glasgow 2008

Here you can read the latest tour news and reviews
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Peter S...
super REA-fan
super REA-fan
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Glasgow 2008

Post by Peter S... » 27 Mar 2009, 23:21


I am posting this on the off chance there are some Chris Rea fans out there who are not aware that some very good clips from the concert in Glasgow 2008 have been posted on YOUTUBE. At the moment there have been seven clips posted (three to go by my reckoning) all are superb.

Below is the link to the first clip. You should be able to find the rest.



Peter S...
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Re: Glasgow 2008

Post by lilybee » 28 Mar 2009, 21:26

Thank you Peter... :D

Those are excellent videos,



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Re: Glasgow 2008

Post by blueskev » 28 Mar 2009, 23:35

Hi Peter,
Great videos, thank you for the link.
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