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Paul Casey

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Paul Casey

Post by lilybee » 27 Jan 2010, 04:13

Some info about Paul Casey for those who are interested. ... /News.html

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starter REA-fan
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Re: Paul Casey

Post by thecontrarymary » 19 Mar 2010, 19:21

hey lillybee, i'm mary from texas USA, i've enjoyed your videos on youtube very much.
i was so very lucky to travel to brighton and london to see chris for the 1st time the 13th & 14th of march. (i've loved him since the 70's) but i don't think he'll be coming to the US, so a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do!

i have a question for you about paul casey....he sang a love song and it had a line something to the effect of "if i were a submarine under the ocean, you would be my oxygen, you would help me breathe" DO YOU KNOW THIS SONG? i haven't been able to find it. i sure would appreciate your help finding it. i haven't heard it on any of the albums that have sample tunes....

i'm just finding my way around this site. i didn't see a way to send you a personal message, so if you could reply here or send ME a personal message, i'm "thecontrarymary"

best regards,

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