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Nottingham Saturday 22nd April Playlist

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bill dewberry
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Nottingham Saturday 22nd April Playlist

Post by bill dewberry » 24 Apr 2006, 22:30

Has anyone the playlist for last Saturday's concert at Nottingham please?
The new arrangements for old favourites were excellent. Who recognised 'I can hear your heart beat'? I found myself applauding on my own! There was one song that I couldn't place at all. I think it was an old standard and not a CR song. Help.
Two hours of Bliss yet again. Thanks Messers Rea, Marc, Ahwai, Ditcham and Hirsh. I shall miss my annual pilgrimage.



Is it me?

Post by Keithyboy247 » 25 Apr 2006, 12:13

I've been a fan of Chris for a number of years - used to be in his fan club in fact. Saw him 3 times in concert in the 90's and thought he was awesome, even though I felt he could have communicated with the audience a little bit more.
Must admit to losing track of him a little since the turn of the Millenium, but was aware of his recent movement into blues.
Then last Autumn I heard him on the Radio 2 drivetime show and he was explaining to Johnnie Walker that this tour may be his last one. He said he would be playing his blues material but he also accepted that alot of fans/public still wanted to hear the old stuff, so I decided I'd better get myself into gear and get to see the geat man whilst I still can.
Together with a friend we booked tickets to see him at Nottingham Royal Concert Hall last Saturday (22nd April).
I was really looking forward to seeing Chris in concert again, and there's no doubt that his guitar playing clearly just gets better and better and his voice is till very good, but I have to say that my friend and I both left the concert feeling very disappointed.
Blues blues blues and more blues with never ending slide guitar solos - even when he did venture into the past I felt he gave a lack lustre performance of Josephine/Stainsby Girls/I can hear your heartbeat and the supposed encore of 'Fool' was, quite frankly, woeful.
I have always left Chris's concerts in the past really wishing I could experience the whole thing all over again, but this time I couldn't wait for it to be over - there was no atmosphere. And why oh why can't he at least say 'Good Evening thanks for coming' to the audience?
I enjoyed the Irish lad who performed as support at the start of the evening more than I enjoyed Chris. Perhaps I've lost the plot but I certainly wouldn't pay good money to see him again.

bREAth of blues
bREAth of blues
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Post by Roadie » 25 Apr 2006, 13:39

Keithy, look at it this way:

CR has been making music forever and always had to restrict his artistic freedom because of marketing purposes for the record label and now suddenly his hands r no longer tied.

Wouldn't u get the same kinda feeling and do a similar thing if u suddenly had the possibility to fullfill ur wildest dream?

I know that I would be out there riding with Valentino Rossi and all the other big guys rather than going around the local roads with my pals IF I ever had the chance to do so :-k.

All the old songs can be found on the LPs and CDs anyway, so why bother about it. Full respect to the man for finally following his true colors even if it pisses some fans off =D>
No-one knows that black dog better than I...

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defending Chris' 'soft sound'

Post by Chris » 25 Apr 2006, 14:38

I think Chris Rea had tailored his "farewell tour" very nicely to please both: his old and new fans alike. After all, just by looking at the list of songs at each gig, one could quickly determine that it was so. Chris always wanted to do something in the sphere of blues, but the executives at the record companies refused to consider his requests. He didn't make any secret about his plans. After his string of illnesses, some of them life threatening, Chris decided to go ahead with his projects before it would be too late. Doctors told him to 'take it easy and slow', so he opted to play a soft version of each song. I recognize that for some old-time fans this could be "too mellow", "too nostalgic", "too melancholic" and such.
It would be unfair to charge him with ripping off unjust profit from his current tour. I agree though that he could be better perceived had he said a few words at each concert instead of just leaving the stage without uttering a single sentence or even saying "thank you."
I could not attend his concert in our country because of my illness, but I'm still looking forwards to his double 'live' CD and the concert DVD.
And I would like to thank him for everything he had done so far on the music scene.
Moreover, I think that the audiences in different countries perceived Chris' songs differently. In England, in general, people are rather used to a loud and noisy beat. Loud music perhaps reflects the way of life for many. That's why there were so many disappointed fans there. Chris complained once, in one of his radio interviews, that at a concert in his native Middlesbrough he "was scared" because people had been throwing bottles and things at him and on the stage. And at that time, he wasn't playing blues but his old songs. After that, Chris refused to visit Middlesbrough again.
Best regards to everyone; satisfied and dissatisfied fans alike,

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