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Interpret the lyrics - topic

Here you can discus Chris' lyrics
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Interpret the lyrics - topic

Post by FXP » 29 Dec 2011, 23:00

I came up with this idea to start one big topic where people could ask for interpretations of Chris' lyrics from other members.

I'll start with "One Golden Rule". I have been wondering about this one for a while, and i think its about how schools teach kids a lot of facts, but don't prepare them for life itself at all.

"And I cursed my teachers for all of their reading. What we needed most can't be found in them books.

Now they teach you to swim but they don't speak of the danger. Tell you the truth but they never say why. Put you on ice that is thin and tell you it's winter. Without one golden rule the truth is a lie"

Any other interpretations?

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