Chris in Cardiff 13th March 2008

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Cornish Andy
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Chris in Cardiff 13th March 2008

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A fantastic show in Cardiff last night. It was the first UK date of the tour and what a show. The set list was more or less the same as the previous European dates - 2 hours straight through with no interval.

The Delmonts stuff was played first for about half an hour - I did wonder how many people had just come to see 'Chris Rea' and didn't really know what was going on at this point - great performances of Dirty New Town, Russian Roulette, BB Was A Comanche and others.

Then the Fabulous Hofner Bluenotes. As with previous dates it was a little strange that Chris has put together the whole concept of the Bluenotes but mostly used them on stage as a backing band to play his older stuff. No complaints though, that's what most people wanted to hear...Josephine, Road to Hell, On the Beach with a few new Bluenotes tracks in between.

Chris was on top form. He was full of life and looked really well. He was clearly enjoying himself. Strong, passionate vocals and playing that slide guitar like no-one else. The man's a legend.

Scott, UK
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starter REA-fan
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Re: Chris in Cardiff 13th March 2008

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Great news - thanks for the posting. I did wonder how the tour would affect him at this stage but it sounds as though he's got plenty of energy left!

I'm taking my 2 nine year boys to see Chris tonight in Plymouth. Really looking forward to it.

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Re: Chris in Cardiff 13th March 2008

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Cheers, I'm going to the Nottingham gig. I wondered if he would alter the show for the Uk, but it seems not. :D
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