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Tour Reports 2010

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starter REA-fan
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Re: Tour Reports 2010 Liverpool 11th March

Post by maranelloman »

I hope this is the right place to post. Computer dead since December2009. so it's a late report.
So Far to Go tour in Liverpool was the best yet.... Chris was in fantastic form, bouncing off the walls!
I was really worried for him "healthwise" after seeing the radio5 videoa few months ago. But he looked marvellous on stage.
"God bless you mate" you are one in a million, and thanks for a great evenings entertainment. NO! thanks for a brilliant lifetime of tremendous music. I am learning to play "Blue Cafe" at the moment, but have to go into the basement to sing at your pitch. :D Keep 'em coming Chris
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My Report of Glasgow

Post by Steph »

So finally found some time to write about the concert in Glasgow.

Spontaneous I went to Glasgow on 1th April to see the concert there on 2th and spend a few days sightseeing in Glasgow, Edinburgh and the Highlands. Thanks to Peter who organised to met me and get me an last minute Ticket for the 4th row......

I really liked the venue "Clyde Auditorium" and the short way there by feet. Nice and cosy seats everywhere, not like in Germany front row with folding chairs.
Nice was also that it was like in a theather and they tell you over speakers how long it will takes till the star comes up, so that you don´t miss it waiting outside having a drink. But than I was really disappointed when Paul came on stage ( he did the same 5 songs like in Dortmund, so I sing along on "I do" cause I already know the words - but there nobody I met kno him really) - very rude that the most of the front rows still empty or people coming in during he was performing.... they rather had drinks at the bar outside than to hear him ... didn´t liked that, cause in Germany everyone was listening, as far I know.... And I really enjoyed his music - again.
After a break of 15 min - also announced via speakers - Chris came up and did the same great show like in Dortmund on 6th March. He looked fine and performed as usual including the guitar shoots in the audiance....the 2 songs extra in the end...

Unfortunately a girl of the stuff was sitting right next to me (row 4) to watch the audience don´t standing up or taking pictures, so no pictures this time and also no possibility to go up in th front for the last two songs, which was allowed in Germany.... There was a nice Gentlement in the front row who was starting dancing at "Stainsby Girls" and he was looking at me as I also started dancing - he was inviting m to dance with him - but the Lady of the stuff just stopped me.... SO NO...
But I had a nice talk with him afterwards...

Conclusion - A nice Venue and a great Concert - and also a great town to visit - So all in all it was worth it.

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