News about the upcoming tour

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Re: News about the upcoming tour

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By the way, did you think that it's really strange that the audience wants to hear the hits? They know the hits by heart, so why don't they want to hear something new? Maybe they have to show their knowing to everyone? It's more a psychology thing, just a thought, not a start to another argument :)
And I'm sure Bob Dylan's gigs will still be sold-out, Mr. Blues is correct (in his a bit rude way, as usual :lol: )
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Re: News about the upcoming tour

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Hello everybody;

Since this topic is too little about "News about the upcoming tour" and too much about our personal perspectives about choices that have been made I am going to close this down. If you have news about the tour, please open a new topic to announce your news and then please discus about that and don't let us be carried away by disagreements... Chris and his management have made some decisions, and we have to accept this, if we like it or not...
REAgards, Bart (webmaster)


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