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blueskev wrote:
Mr_Blues wrote:
The style played on live hints back to earlier era of Chris Rea.
Meaning it sounds more like the other hits played during the tour.
Once again clue about throwing the blues era away, and going back closer to mainstream,
which is doggone shame....
Hi Mr Blues,
I know what you mean about the style, that's what I thought too, but I hope you are wrong about throwing away the blues. Still so Far the single had a great chicago shuffle to it so maybe its not all bad :-)
Hello Kev !

Yeah, I hope too that I´m wrong, and Still So Far is really the good stuff.
But I´m afraid the deal with Warner has changed the style already a bit, and the next album might show that. Time will tell.
Too many good words to add here.
I better just sit back and drink beer. :)

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