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Master of ceREAmony
Master of ceREAmony
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Post by lilybee » 05 Jun 2008, 22:08

Hi, :D

Since we've forged some rea-friendships on this site, I thought you might want to hang out on Fridays and talk away our Readdictions. (no more than an hour or so, for our families sake! :lol: :lol: )

Tina and I are on yahoo messenger, which is plan B for us, until Bart (where are you dear....?)
fixes the chat in here.

Anybody else in....?
(you know you want to...!)

(I know you will Thom, :D )

Enable your email on this site, if you don't have ours, so we can accept user names for messenger.


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cREAtive fan
cREAtive fan
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Post by PAB » 05 Jun 2008, 22:32

My english is not good enough to participate, but it's a good idea.

I continue to believe that a person who appreciate Chris Rea is, anyway, an interesting person.

:D PAb

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Post by Tina3 » 05 Jun 2008, 23:30

Hi Everyone,
Would it be rude to send out invitations to others :lol:
PAB wrote:My english is not good enough to participate, but it's a good idea.
PAB ok How can you say that when you do posts in English? I can accept you might be a bit slower trying to READ english but I think you can write it very well.Plenty of fans on this site have english only as their 2nd language.We ajust as we go along and go as fast or slow as needs require.So will you please consider coming along and joining us as we have a laugh and great chats abut Chris.Please don't let this reason stop you.
Tina :) :)
Pick up the pieces and start again.

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