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Original Album Series - Rhino

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Original Album Series - Rhino

Postby tobi777 » 22 Feb 2010, 22:33

http://www.amazon.de/Original-Album-Chr ... 640&sr=8-6

a collection of five albums is listed to be relased on February 26th. The set contains the records "Watersign", "Shamrock Diaries", "On The Beach", "Road To Hell" and "Espresoo Logic". According to the picture the set bears the new "Rhino" label so it is a new "compilation" by the record company.

Apart from the strange choice (why did they skip the other albums - if it was due to commercial reasons "Auberge" or "Dancing With Strangers" would have fit better than "Espresoo Logic" imho) I'm a bit disppointed that there are no signs of remastering - never mind bonus tracks. I thought maybe Rhino would do justice to Chris' old albums as they really need remastering. :?

Anyway, the price is low - but I think all of us fans already own a copy or two of these gems :D
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super REA-fan
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