New live DVD!

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New live DVD!

Post by BlueMaranello »

I think it is a waste that more Chris Rea's live concerts aren't being officially documented and made available for fans on home video.
I mean, the way he changes the interpretation of his songs (and the stage is so awesome!), and you're there on a concert, or after it, collecting your impressions and you think, "Man, I'd like to see and hear this again. And again...". And you can't!
And you wait forever for a new concert!

So, anyone with me on this?
That Chris should make a live DVD, (BluRay!) of his next tour?
It'd be soooo coool! :shock:
Anyone knows of a way we could make our pleads (and craving) be heard???

I have the need to say just how much I'd like it happen,and I can't seem to find the way...
So' I'll just repeat it again:
The Road to Hell and back is my favorite DVD!
And another Chris Rea's live home video couldn't be less than beyond completely and awesomely cool!

Thank you for your time if you read this!

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