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Royal Family & Chris Rea

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Royal Family & Chris Rea

Post by chrisreafan » 12 Apr 2011, 09:53

Just like to ask to English fans who might know if there is any connection.

Meaning: Is he ever decorated like Eric Clapton; i think he isn't but maybe i am wrong
Are there 'popular' musicians invited to the wedding on 29th april 2011 or only classical musicians. Maybe for the afterparty? The questlist isn't public due to security measures i recogn.
I know Chris was/is very popular for his music by Tony Blair.
I know(the wedding) and heard its a big event and public holiday by our neighbours.
Want to wish the Windsors Family (and the Family of Kate (and the wedding pair) ) a great day but that's obvious and counts i think for all of us here.
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Re: Royal Family & Chris Rea

Post by chrisreafan » 12 Apr 2011, 10:34

Just read Kate Middleton wants to be called Catherine (Middleton).

About the popular music: Lady Gaga is invited and i believe Brian May of Queen. More musicians who might be invited, i am not aware of. (for now).

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