Remastering fan-project #1 - Wired to the Moon

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starter REA-fan
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Remastering fan-project #1 - Wired to the Moon

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Hi all,
I've given up waiting for Chris' early albums to get the remastering/reissue treatment, so thought I'd go through the albums and give it a go myself, also adding the b-sides from each era.

I started with 'Wired to the Moon', because I love it, and it's the 30th anniversary this year. Basically just beefed the sound up and closed a few (what I thought were) 'lengthy' gaps between tracks + a few minor cross-fades. Such a classic album.

How do people feel about me sharing these results in a lossless FLAC format here on the forum? Of course, we all own the original material, I just thought it would be a fun thing to do and enjoy. I might do Water Sign next...

Chris Rea
Wired to the Moon (1984) CD MAG 5057 (Remastered May 2014)
01.Bombollini (6.11)
02.Touché D'Amour (3.27)
03.Shine, Shine, Shine (4.02)
04.Wired to the Moon (5.17)
05.Reasons (3.43)
06.I Don't Know What it is But I Love it (3.35)
07.Ace of Hearts (4.31)
08.Holding Out (4.24)
09.Winning (6.27)
Bonus B-Sides
10.Mystery Man (3.31) Taken from 'I Don't Know What it is But I Love it' (1984) MAG 255
11.True Love (3.38) Taken from 'Bombollini' (1984) MAGT 259

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Re: Remastering fan-project #1 - Wired to the Moon

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Great idea, but...
REAgards, Bart (webmaster)


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