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Post by devonfans » 08 Apr 2012, 10:51

I have been visiting this site for years but have never posted, and having read all the comments about Chris and his audiences on tour, I felt compelled to write!
We went to the Plymouth gig on Wednesday and thought it was great. Chris was on fine form, dancing around the stage and reacting with the other members of the band. "Bored" he was NOT, and all the band were smiling and everyone seemed to be thoroughly enjoying themselves on stage. The audience loved it all and were enthusiastically clapping and whistling at the end of every song.
Those fans who are regular tour-goers will know to expect that Chris does not talk to his audience and although this is in some ways disappointing it does mean that the concert flows from one song to the next beautifully. There were really "rocked-up" versions of lots of songs which we thought were excellent, especially Josephine.
I don't understand the comments about Chris walking off without acknowledging the audience, as he had done that when they went off before the encores. And their final leaving of the stage led to the reversal of the opening film which we thought was a clever idea.
All in all, a great gig and we were not disappointed. But then we did not expect to be! We just think we are lucky to still be watching this man sing and play his guitar. Long may it continue.

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