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Tour Database

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giga REA-fan
giga REA-fan
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Tour Database

Post by tobi777 » 28 Feb 2019, 20:50

Hi all,

I'm planning to compile tour dates, locations, setlists, personnel etc. for as many tours and gigs as possible.

I've already collected some stuff - if you have any information about former tours and setlist regarding older gigs before 1989 - please send me a message. I'm only interested in "real" tour gigs, so no TV shows, please.

I appreciate your help and hope to put the database online when it's finished.

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REAlly addicted
REAlly addicted
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Re: Tour Database

Post by ann268 » 06 Mar 2019, 19:27

Have you tried the existing database?
Like And I know there is A french one, it's a good one!
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