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July 20th, 2018

Master tapes for 1982 album "Smile" found again

In 1982 Chris recorded an album for Magnet Records called "Smile". Despite it's joyful name the album was thought to be too emotional and dark to be released and consequently all tapes and most of the artwork were destroyed.
Or so we've been told.... Some years ago the original cover art for this alum resurfaced on an auction. And now also the master audio tape is found again! It contains ten songs.

Five of these songs were later rerecorded and put on various other releases. They give a good hint of what the rest of the album could be like. The tracklist is:

Side A:

Dream girl
Smile (re-recorded for "Love's strange ways" in 1983)
From love to love (re-recorded for "I can hear your heart beat" in 1983)
Midnight blue (re-recorded for "Water sign" in 1983)
I still feel the same

Side B:

I still dream of you
That's the way
Hand me down
Candles (re-recorded for "Water sign" in 1983)
Texas (re-recorded for "Water sign" in 1983)

Of course it is great news that these recordings haven been found again. Who knows they will finally be released, more than 35 years after their intended release ;-)


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