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Buying a collection...

Some time ago I was offered the chance to buy a part of a large Chris Rea collection. Regrettably most if the CD's were already sold, but loads of 12" and 7" vinyl and memorabilia were left. After a long time in doubt I decided to buy the lot. There were many complications (first, getting the amount of money together...) in this decision; among others the fact that all the stuff was in England and I live in the Netherlands (in other words, how on earth get such an amount of goods to here for a reasonable price). After the first shipment arrived I was a bit disappointed about some things and I talked to the seller about this. He generously suggested to take a bit off the price and after we agreed on a new price the second shipment was send.

On the photos below you can see only the contents of the first shipment... Besides many things I already owned that is the other side when buying a whole collection there are some real jewels among the things I bought. I have get everything organized and then Ill start selling some things I already had (twice or treble or...). I will be adding a new page about some of the most lovely items soon, but for now have a look at the photos of when I was unpacking the boxes. I hope you enjoy the photos although I can imagine not as much as I did really opening those boxes...



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